Do not let problems arise and cause traffic jams at the airport on Tet holiday

The announcement stated that ensuring security, safety and traffic safety of all types of traffic is very important, in which security and aviation safety are especially important. In 2021, the situation of traffic order and safety in the whole country has been gradually improved, reducing all 3 criteria of traffic safety (number of cases, number of deaths and number of injured people), security and safety. Airline is not guaranteed.

On behalf of the Government, the Standing Deputy Prime Minister praised the efforts of agencies and units in the civil aviation industry and functional agencies of the Ministry of National Defense, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Transport and other agencies. Relevant agencies have made efforts, successfully completed and maintained and ensured safety and security for civil aviation activities in the past year.

Do not let problems arise and cause traffic jams at the airport on Tet holiday – Photo 2.
Permanent Deputy Prime Minister Pham Binh Minh: Require all airlines to comply with regulations on transportation, especially testing for passengers, not to generate additional procedures compared to regulations. Photo: VGP.

The announcement also stated that, in the condition of returning to the new normal state in 2022, the demand for transportation and transportation will increase, including air transportation. An important issue is the absolute guarantee of aviation security and safety. The Standing Deputy Prime Minister proposed the Ministry of Transport and units in the aviation industry to well perform the following tasks:

International scheduled commercial flights have been allowed to reopen from January 1, 2022. Currently, 8/9 countries have agreed to this agreement. In phase 2, there has been a policy to open more routes to Australia and some European countries. The reopening of commercial routes contributes to economic recovery and meets the needs of Vietnamese people going to/from other countries. Requesting all units at Noi Bai airport in particular and all airports in the country in general to check and review the safety work, equipment for flights, to avoid delays. cancel flights, infrastructure does not meet mission requirements.

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